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May 29, 2013


Welcome to the Preschool Palace Curriculum Program!

This program is design for children ages 3-5 for use in a family childcare home, preschool, or homeschool environment.  The curriculum is divided into 10 months, each with 20 days.  You may start any month at any time.  However, it is recommended that Month 1 starts in September, Month 2 in October, etc.  Seasonal and holiday lesson plans are separate and can be found at the end of this book.

Daily lesson plans are easy to follow and implement.  Materials needed are simple and low-cost.  Most daily lesson plans include 1-2 songs, circle time activities/themes, a movement activity, sensory   activity, craft ideas, and a printable worksheet. 

During circle time, you may choose to incorporate attendance, weather, and calendar activities in addition to the suggested circle time activity and lesson of the day.  It is also suggested that a story be read during circle time as well.  Most preschoolers are only able to handle a short period of time during circle time and that is why the rest of the curriculum revolves around other activities that can be included during other times of the day, depending upon your schedule.  Overall, each day strives to  promote each child’s cognitive, social, gross motor, fine motor, and other kindergarten readiness skills.  Just one sample of a full-day childcare program with integrated preschool is below:

  7:00    Welcome, breakfast, free play.

  9:00    Circle Time (welcome song, calendar, counting, letters, shapes, colors, story, sharing, learn new song/rhyme, etc…)

  9:30    Music & Movement.  Interactive songs like Ants go Marching or Hokey Pokey, free-style dance to Music CD, dance/hop like animals.  Stretching and tumbling on nap mats. 

  9:45    Snack/potty/clean-up.

10:00    Table time.  Age appropriate paperwork (learn to write their names, patterns, scissor skills, math, journal, etc.).

10:15    Craft.

10:30    Outdoor play/neighborhood walk/park day.  Trikes, slides, bubbles, playhouse, sidewalk chalk, etc. Create natural playscapes which allow children to interact with bugs, plants, water, trees and nature.

11:30    Centers:  blocks, puzzles, dramatic play, kitchen area, tool bench, sensory table.

12:00    Clean up & wash up, Lunch.  Children participate in food prep, hand washing, setting table, serving and cleaning.  Family style meals are a great way to expose children to social skills, math, and language skills. 

12:30    Story & nap time.

  3:00    Snack/potty/clean-up.

  3:15    Outdoor play.  Group play like gymnastics/parachutes/races/tag/jumprope/hopscotch, hide & seek.

  4:00    Inside wind-down.  Children play with materials in activity areas while teacher uses time to focus on one-to-one activities with each child or pairs in organized games like Candy Land/Hi-Ho Cheerio.  Floor puzzles, free-style art with provided materials.  Free-play.

Most daily lesson plans will reference a printable with a page number.  Those printables are part of the Printable Package that is included in this program and is a separate document.  The circle time posters are also included in that printable package.  Consider printing and laminating all the circle time posters for use and display throughout the school year.  You may print as many copies as you need of the worksheets for your class.  This program is provided in digital format so you can print one or as many as you need. 

You can print one complete set of this document and 3 hole punch it so that you will have the entire year’s worth of curriculum and lesson plans in one binder. 

Have a happy school year!

~ Tamara, Creator,

INSTANT DIGITAL DOWNLOADS available here, BOTH ITEMS are needed for the complete program: 

Add to Cart - $9.00 for 10 Month CURRICULUM DOWNLOAD

Add to Cart - $1.00 for PRINTABLE PACKAGE (instant download in PDF format)








And Someday when I have nothing to do... I am going to consolidate my boxes and boxes of my children's art and make THIS:

Free Valentine themed preschool printables. 

Adorable heart shaped person for Valentine's Day.  Provide several heart shaped pieces of paper, 1 large heart, and folded accordian-style paper for arms and legs.  And let the Heart People creations begin!

Super easy sponge heart shape collage.  Dip cut pieces of heart shaped sponges into different colored plates of paint for an easy, beautiful heart collage!  Children can also add pre-cut heart shapes or trace heart outlines to add to the collage.

Winter themed printables.  The Holidays may be over, but it is FREEZING over here!  Free cold weather/winter season worksheets:



Happy New Year!

Just 1 of my resolutions for the new year:

What are some of your resolutions this year? 


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